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Custom Orthotics

Get back on your feet and be pain-free!

We offer Custom Orthotics

Walking shouldn't be painful, neither should running for that matter. When it comes to orthotics, there are various options people can choose from.


Depending on your foot structure, level of activity and history of your body mechanics, some consideration should be given to the best type of orthotic that can solve your current issues.


What is a custom orthotic?

A custom-made orthotic is a prescribed foot device created to aid in the correction of biomechanical abnormalities that can affect the feet, ankles, knees and back.


Often pain in other parts of your body can be derived from an unbalanced foot structure.


How are custom orthotics made?

A complete weight bearing and non weight bearing biomechanical exam with gain analysis is the first step necessary for an effective custom orthotic prescription. Based on this information, a 3 dimensional impression or cast of the foot is completed and used during the custom manufacturing process.

How can custom orthotics help?

Custom moulded orthotics can often offer pain relief and improved functionality for problems with ankles, tendonitis, bunions, a callus of the feet as well as neuromas.


Back problems can also be correlated with biomechanical problems in the feet.


We offer Custom Orthotics to fit your needs and help you get back to an active pain-free lifestyle!  Book an appointment with us now.


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