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Should I wear my Custom Orthotics all the time?

Not all types of orthotics are good choices, even if they are custom made to your foot. Finding the right balance of flexibility and rigidity is crucial, posting the foot to meet the ground better is paramount to success and having a full length orthotic is imperative.

We recommend a custom made orthotic rather than the generic over the counter orthotics for the aforementioned reasons. Once you have been helped to a mechanically sound future of less pain through custom made orthotics, you need to know how to use and care for them.

It is not uncommon to require break-in times for new adaptations.

Your body will typically take 2-3 weeks to get used to your new orthotics. During this period of time follow these simple rules to have the best transition:

  • Start by wearing your orthotics 2-3x each day.

  • On Day 1 wear your orthotics for 30 min during each time you wear them.

  • Extend your wearing time each day by 15-30 min until you can comfortably wear your orthotics all day, every day during all activities.

If your feet become sore and/or tired while wearing your orthotics, take the orthotics off and allow your feet to rest for several hours before wearing them again. THIS IS NORMAL DURING THE BREAK-IN PERIOD. After 3 weeks, if your feet continue to be sore and/or tired from wearing your orthotics they may need to be adjusted.

Use and Care of Your Orthotics

Your orthotics should be in good usable condition for 1-4 years. They can last longer depending on your body weight and activity level. To keep your orthotics in good shape and help them last as long as possible do the following:

  • Never put your orthotics in a washing machine or dryer. If they need to be cleaned wipe them down with a damp rag. Mild dish detergent can be used as well followed by rinsing with cool water. Then, wipe down the orthotics with a dry cloth and then allow the air dry before putting them back in your shoes.

  • Do not leave your orthotics in a hot vehicle

  • Always wear socks with your orthotics to prevent premature wear of the top covers.

  • Your orthotics can get wet. If they do, remove them from your shoes or boots, wipe them down and allow them to air dry before putting them back in your shoes.


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