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Back Pain, Orthotics, and the Right Shoe

What is The Right Shoe Regimen for back pain?

Healthy shoes play a significant role in back pain management.

Here are the main features to look for:

· If the back pain is due to your foot function shoes with orthotic insoles that provide good arch support can prevent hyper-pronation and can help align your legs and back properly.

· Shoes with good cushioning properties can reduce the impacts on the body and back when the foot hits the ground during walking and running.

· High heels that are over two inches high may increase the risk of low back pain, as they might impair back posture.

· Not all flat shoes are good for your feet. Flats that do not provide any arch support may compromise legs and back posture.

· Tight shoes can aggravate foot pain, and cause gait compensation. Oversized shoes can also impair gait. Get the right fit!

· Replace your shoes as needed. When the supporting cushioning becomes worn, it is no longer helpful.

Foot orthotics can theoretically help patients with back pain because they help realign how the feet articulate themselves on the ground, which in turn can affect the body’s entire overall posture and gait.

if improperly prescribed they can lead to pain and discomfort, and even cause serious injury, Orthotics are like prescription drugs, when indicated and prescribed correctly, they are beneficial to the user. Some over-the-counter orthotics may exacerbate pre-existing medical conditions, those at particular risk are people with heel pain, Achilles tendon pain, back or knee problems, or those who have a high arch foot type or flat feet.

When prescribed responsibly and used correctly, orthotics can be extremely helpful. It's important for patients to follow the doctor or Chiropodist’s instructions on when to wear them to obtain the greatest benefit.

Parkway Back and Foot Clinic has both a chiropractor, Dr. Barry McHardy and a Chiropodist, Danielle Willis, available to answer any questions and make the right suggestions for your individual concern.


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