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Custom Orthotics for Skiing/Snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding both require strong muscles to control your run. If your lower body mechanics aren't aligned, it increases your risk of injury, and affects performance. Proper foot and ankle alignment are essential in distributing the powerful forces in your curves and turns more evenly and gives you increased edge control on your skis or board.


A custom orthotic helps to keep your ankle and foot in a neutral position. This lets the power from your legs travel through your foot and on to your skis/board. If your feet are not properly aligned, it decreases your ability to effectively control your edges. Using orthotic inserts gets your foot to work inside your boot, improving your ability to effectively control directional changes on the mountain.

Custom made ski and snowboard orthotics guide your foot and boot during change-of-direction phases, for greater control and stability. They feature specially designed forefoot and rearfoot pads to protect and provide exceptional shock absorption during jumping and landing phases.

How to tell if you may benefit from custom ski or snowboard orthotics:

  1. Difficulty turning in one direction

  2. Struggling to hold either an inside or outside edge

  3. Chronic knee pain

  4. Hot spots on your feet in the boots

  5. Pain or discomfort under your heels or the ball of your foot

  6. Low back pain

  7. Repeated tendon strains in the lower legs

If you want more information or to find out if you would benefit from custom orthotics, contact Parkway Back and Foot Clinic/Stoney Orthotics.


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